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Lemon deposit

Not sure who to thank. Some lovely harvester made a balcony-lemon deposit during the week. Nestled in very good-looking, long wooden fruitbox, were dozens and dozens of delicious lemonade lemons. We’ll bring the box along to next week-end’s harvest, just in case the box-owner would like it back again, and we’ll bring lotsa lemon curd, cordial, marmalade and preserved lemons.




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Meet the chooks

We finally got some chooks in June and they are settling nicely into the household. They are loving their coop which was given to us by some friends leaving the city for the country life. They are still several weeks off laying (fingers crossed) and in the meantime are loving spending every minute side by side, eating rocket, and bathing in the dirt bath together.

Francesca enjoying the sun whilst having a dirt bath

Francesca and Theodora

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Tasty num nums